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Newport Beach Domestic Partnership Dissolution Attorneys

Divorce and related family law matters are among the most stressful occurrences a person faces. In spite of the overwhelming emotions, it is still necessary to make important and immediate decisions which will affect the outcome of your case.

At the Law Offices of Lemkin, Barnes & Row, Inc., our aggressive Irvine divorce attorneys bring together decades of experience guiding people toward successful solutions. Our attorneys will aggressively pursue resolution of your matter in the most efficient manner possible, allowing you to focus on the next phase of your life.

Our attorneys are also Certified Specialists in Family Law (certified by the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California). We firmly believe that having an informed client helps us to craft strategies which will allow for long-term solutions no matter how complicated the circumstances. Contact us today to discuss your case with attorney Curtis Barnes, attorney Cheryl Row or one of our other experienced Orange County divorce and Newport Beach domestic partnership dissolution lawyers.

Experienced Divorce Representation Creating Solutions for Clients With Significant Assets

When a divorce or legal separation becomes inevitable, there may be a need for immediate action. This can become especially true in situations where a significant level of assets or income is at stake or the custody of children needs to be immediately addressed. Our firm takes our clients' concerns extremely seriously. When conditions merit, we will seek immediate action from the court to establish your control over assets such as a home, or over the custody of your children.
We will utilize our knowledge of the court process, and the power of temporary orders to address those immediate needs, including the maintenance of the status quo where that is appropriate.

Our firm handles all types of issues that stem from a divorce, such as:

• Property division
• Spousal support (alimony)
• Child support
• Enforcement of child support
• Child custody and visitation
• Modifications

Domestic Partnership Dissolution

The laws applying to divorce actions apply almost uniformly to domestic partnership issues, as well. Our firm has experience addressing these established issues, and applying our knowledge and skill to the dissolution of domestic partnerships.


Where the facts are appropriate, it may be necessary to seek annulment of a marriage. Our attorneys will assist you in determining if this relief is appropriate for a given situation.

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