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Child Support Enforcement

Orange County Child Support Lawyers

Not only is it important to ensure that the proper parent is paying child support, but it is essential that the child support is being paid according to the court order that was established. If it is not, there are many steps that we can take to see that child support payments are being enforced.

Enforcement actions are those taken against the nonpaying parent in order to attempt to force him or her to pay child support as so ordered. At the Law Offices of Lemkin, Barnes & Row, Inc., our California family law attorneys are dedicated to helping parents deal with all types of child support issues, including enforcement. We can represent parents on either side of the issue: whether they are not receiving their payments or are the ones not making the payments that have been ordered. Regardless of your situation, contact us today to discuss your specific case and needs with attorney Curtis Barnes, attorney Cheryl Row or one of our other experienced Orange County child support attorneys.

Types of Enforcement

There are many different ways in which child support payments can be enforced, such as enforcement through:

Wage garnishment: Child support payments are allowed to be withheld from the paycheck of the delinquent parent according to the Family Support Act of 1988.
Mandatory coverage under health insurance: A court order can be issued that states that the nonpaying parent must include the child or children on his or her health insurance plan in lieu of child support payments. The insurance payments are deducted from the parent's paycheck.
Liens: It is possible to place a lien on a nonpaying parent's real estate (such as a home or condo) and other assets (bank accounts, business equipment).
Driver's license implications: The Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) can also have the state driver's license of the nonpaying parent suspended or revoked if support is owed. Reinstatement is only allowed once a payment plan has been established for the parent to get current on your child support payments.

Who Handles Enforcement?

Previously, the county district attorney used to be the one handling child support enforcement actions. However, they are now handled by the DCSS. Due to the large number of parents who are routinely delinquent in their payments, this organization, and the related counties, are more aggressively going after those who owe child support.

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