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Paralegal Services

Document Review and Preparation by Skilled Paralegals

When you have decided to handle your divorce on your own, but wish to have some guidance in your document preparation and filing, you may not need the assistance of an attorney on an on-going basis. A paralegal may be able to help you deal with the minor legal issues that arise.

At the Law Offices of Lemkin, Barnes & Row, Inc., we offer a wide range of services based on our clients' individual needs and goals. In addition to hourly services, consulting by an attorney and limited scope representation, we also have two full-time paralegals on staff who can provide qualified assistance to our clients.

When a divorce is straightforward or minimally contested, you may not need the intervention of an attorney. However, a paralegal can still provide insight into your case and help with the documents that may accompany the issue. When our lawyers handle cases for clients, our paralegals are almost always involved, helping out with the work. When clients work solely with our paralegals, it may be a cost-effective way to get some of the same type of assistance at a fraction of the cost. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs with attorney Curtis Barnes, attorney Cheryl Row or one of our skilled California family law paralegals.

Benefits of Our Paralegals

There are many organizations that offer paralegal services. However, many of these services consist of only paralegals, without lawyers who can offer advice to the paralegals when needed. This is one major benefit of using our paralegals for your divorce and family law document work — our attorneys are here full-time as well, in order to consult with the paralegals if a complex question or situation may arise. This is just part of how our firm strives to provide you with the comprehensive and multifaceted representation that you deserve.

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