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Orange County Child Support, Spousal Support, and Child Custody Modification Attorneys

Divorce agreements and orders are designed to establish not only the separation and disentanglement of the lives of the spouses, but also to govern their relationship in the future.

In the future, however, circumstances may change, requiring the agreement or Judgment to be modified to meet the changing needs or demands of the parties. Life is not static, and circumstances change. If the circumstances on which the terms of your divorce were predicated have changed, it may be time to change the terms of your divorce.

At the Law Offices of Lemkin, Barnes & Row, Inc., our Irvine child support modification attorneys are Certified Specialists in Family Law (certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California) with more than 40 years of experience in helping families and individuals achieve their goals in family law. If your situation has changed, or your ex-spouse's situation has changed, or the needs of your children have changed, we can help secure the appropriate modifications to your divorce agreement.

Orange County Spousal Support Modification Attorneys
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The common elements of a divorce that require modification are:

Child Support — You or your former spouse may have experienced, or may claim to have experienced, a job change     or loss. The incomes of the parties may have changed, thus necessitating a review of the support amount. Ultimately, support may need to be increased or decreased, depending on the circumstances.
Child Custody — A variety of circumstances may cause the need for modification of the child custody arrangements, to best suit the needs, safety, and well-being of the children involved.
Spousal Support — You may be seeking termination of support because your former spouse has remarried or is cohabiting with a member of the opposite sex. Conversely, you may be seeking to extend or increase the support you receive, in light of knowledge that your ex-spouse has had an increase in his or her income.

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