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Both parents of a child have the right to be a part of their child's life and a duty to provide the financial care that the child needs. If the father of a child is unknown, it can be difficult to ensure that the proper child support and child custody orders are created. In California, paternity is referred to as "parentage." When a couple was married at the time the child was born, the law assumes the husband to be the father. However, parentage may need to be established if the baby was born to unmarried parents.

If you have questions about establishing parentage, turn to our experienced paternity lawyers at the Law Offices of Lemkin, Barnes & Row, Inc. Our firm is committed to helping clients deal with establishing parentage, seeking DNA testing and dealing with all of the issues that may arise after the results of the test are revealed. We work hard to see that the rights of either parent are protected and that paternity is legally established whenever possible. Contact us today to discuss your situation with attorney Curtis Barnes, attorney Cheryl Row or one of our other experienced Santa Ana child support and custody lawyers.

Reasons for Paternity Testing

There are most frequently two reasons that establishing parentage might be necessary, such as:

• A man is attempting to establish his right to visitation or custody
• A woman who has given birth is trying to prove paternity for child support

Regardless of the reason, a simple cheek swab from child and father can start the DNA testing process. After this process has been completed, the parents can move forward with creating orders for support and custody.

Child Support and Child Custody

It is important that both parents be as involved as possible with the child and provide proper care. Establishing the parentage of a child can not only give parental rights to the proper father, but also make certain that the correct parent is given responsibility for child support

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